Tpad and Supanet Join Forces to Offer Premium Business SIP Trunking Services

Tpad specializes in voice over IP telephony systems which enable an advanced communications model that can serve the needs of large and small companies worldwide. With many years of experience and expertise in the field of telecom, they offer planning, installation and servicing of office telephone systems that are not only cost-effective, but highly adaptable as well. They offer a wide selection of PBX packages that are efficient, highly upgradable and compatible with digital or IP lines. Aside from PBX systems, Tpad also provides a variety of advanced business telephony services ranging from virtual numbers, SIP trunks, and number porting.

On the other hand, Supanet, in operation since 1998, is one of the most highly experienced and coveted Internet service provider in the UK. With over a million registered subscribers, they offer a wide range of Internet connectivity and network options to meet the needs of medium to large businesses. These connectivity options include Dark Fibre, Broadband, Wireless Point to Point Links, Wi-Max, Dedicated or Leased Lines, VPN and DSL. The company prides of its extensive experience in building high-speed networks, installation of network hardware, network planning, as well as consultancy on connectivity needs – from the simplest to the most complex. The company designs and install network systems that are tailored to the needs of the business.


What will businesses expect with combined efforts of these two companies? Traditionally, there seemed to be a void that splits data and voice infrastructure in almost all organizations. This means separate expenditures for hardware involving data, and a different set for voice. However, in the recent years, the walls between data and voice have started to fall, thanks to efforts of companies like Tpad and Supanet. Businesses can now slowly move towards convergence and shared infrastructure for bigger savings and increased functionality. This means that companies can use their data network to access the telephone system and make it work towards increased efficiency and productivity.

One particular communication service that will be made even more cost-effective with this partnership is SIP Trunking. SIP Trunking is one of the most highly-advanced solutions today as it makes better use of data connectivity to allow improved PBX systems. This service offered by Tpad (and now by Supanet as well) allows PBX systems access to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) outside the enterprise network through Internet connectivity. Ultimately, it allows a company’s VoIP system to talk to the outside world, which in technological terminology is called the PSTN. This methodology eliminates the need for expensive multiple ISDN lines and is thus far less costly, more highly efficient and significantly easier to manage. SIP trunks require fewer hardware pieces and may be purchase in increments, which translates to better cost savings than other alternative solutions. SIP Trunking can also ensure business continuity, geographical openness, flexibility and centralized technology for easier infrastructure management.


SIP Trunking, among other communication solutions, are expected to be made even more efficient when Tpad works exclusively with Supanet. Together, the two companies design a platform that further improves the current capabilities of data infrastructures of clients. “We are happy to announce this partnership, we are sure that as a Team, Tpad and Supanet will propel telecom systems forward,” says Steven Johns, Tpad Marketing Manager. He adds, “Products and services that are operated and designed by separate providers tend to lead to compatibility issues, confusion, which then leads to waste of time and money. We have made this partnership possible to ensure more reliable and more efficient telecommunications experience, which is important to the success of the business marketplace.”

Through Tpad and Supanet, businesses can make use of voice lines, Internet and SIP services fully integrated with data services, VoIP, managed telephone systems and unified communications internally and externally. These companies have earned high customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings in the country, which make them leading providers in the telecommunications industry.

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Companies interested in making their PBX and VoIP systems more efficient through SIP Trunking and similar advanced methodologies can get in touch with either Supanet or Tpad. Faster connectivity and better telecom systems await them after three steps. First, consultant from Supanet or Tpad will assess your existing network and telephone set-up; ask about your business priorities, current needs and future plans, then suggest a package that best suits your business. The assessment will lead to a recommendation which includes a quotation of fees and prices for better decision making. The agreed package is then deployed and installed seamlessly with very minimal business disruptions. Upon complete installation, the services provisioned will be implemented with utmost care along with ongoing technical support.

For more information on SIP trunking and state of the art telephone system solutions, customers may visit Tpad’s website at or check Supanet’s official website at Their websites offer comprehensive explanations on their range of services. Interested customers may also use their contact us forms. Alternatively, clients can give them a call at 0845 122 1746 (Tpad) or at 0845 122 2677 (Supanet).

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About Tpad (
Tpad is an International company which has its Headquarters in Jersey, and provides products and services in many countries including the UAE, India, Hong Kong, USA, UK and Canada. In the UK, Tpad provides advanced telephony services and carrier-grade SIP trunks to businesses worldwide. Until recently the core product has been large IP PBX based business telephone systems (50 users to 500+ users and multiple sites). Tpad also has an International consumer arm providing low cost international services to all major countries. Over the past 3 years, Tpad has been investing in next generation telephone technology with the development of a powerful central telephone platform called Colossus that resides in Tpad data centres and that can be accessed from anywhere in the cloud space.


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  1. There is one telecommunication term IVR is missing there, i want to know is this service is available for the customer form your side.

  2. can sip trunking be a solution for telecommunication within or outside the organization, and i think it is less costly than traditional phone system.

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